Born: March 21st 1935, Middlesbrough, England


Best Achievements

1979 and 1980 – European Champions Cup (Nottingham Forest)

1978 – England League Winner (Nottingham Forest)

1972 – England League Winner (Derby County)

1979 – European Super Cup (Nottingham Forest)

1978-1979-1989-1990 – League Cup (Nottingham Forest)




Brian Clough is one of the best football managers ever, no discussion about that. Along his

career he won so much when the odds were against him and that makes his history really


His Nottingham Forest achievements were simply brilliant. It was not a big club when he started

to coach them on 1975, the team was in second division and what happened next is

absolutely astonishing: he won promotion in 1977,  he won the League in

1978, then the European Champions Cup in 1979 and again in 1980. Is this the most remarkable

sequence of success ever? For me, yes! From a 2nd division club to a Double European Cup

Championship in 3 years! Really amazing!

His career with Nottingham Forest went to decline after this, despite a couple of League Cups

and other decent results. Like a movie but with no happy end, he retired from football after

going down to the 2nd division with his beloved club.

But before the golden years at Nottingham Forest he already had glory. He started to coach

with Hartlepool after retiring from playing because of a very bad injury. He was a good player,

a prolific striker and he played for the National Team a few times. Then he went to Derby

County, a club that wasn´t a top one and he achieved his first major trophy: he won the

England League! After some conflicts with the boards because of his flamboyant personality he

left and had some low moments with Brighton and Leeds (sacked after 44 days) but then the

destiny guided him to Nottingham Forest and he climbed to the top of the world!

He was lucky finding an assistant like Peter Taylor that was influent in his wins. Both men were

really clever to scout and decide which players to buy. They had some riffs, but they formed a

really powerful duo, managing a football team.

The frustration of Brian Clough career is probably never been offered to manage England

National Team. I´m sure that with him, England would benefit and become more powerful on

the late 70s and early 80s. He was the greatest manager that ironically England never had.


Personal Memories


He won the European Champions Cup the year I was born, but I have few memories from

him. In fact my first memory from him came only in 1990/1991 when I saw a report about his

Nottingham Forest team run to the FA Cup final that season. It was an instant impact with my

mind first time I saw him on the TV. I felt he got really charisma. Then I saw the final when

sadly they lost. I must say that I followed his last career seasons but he was not successful.

However one of his last signings was a young Roy Keane, which showed that Clough had

already left his best years behind him, but some skills were still there. I must say that I went to

London recently and I bought his autobiography, it was my first choice between all the books I

saw in the library. And the book is fascinating as this man was.


Famous Quotes


“Outside the family life, there is nothing better than winning the European Cups.”

“Success? Tell me the date when my obituary is going to appear and I’ll tell you whether I’ve

been a success or not. If I get to 60 I shall have done pretty well.”

“I wouldn’t say I was the best manager in the business. But I was in the top one.”




He is still a reference to all the young managers. All the football lovers who want to know more

about the history of the beautiful game, will find in his legacy, a really good focus point. The

press is always remembering him. And his son Nigel Clough is currently also a manager that

his having progress within his career. Some ex players, like Martin O´Neill or Stuart Pearce are

successful managers and they make Clough live within his teams.

”He had un-believable charisma and, strangely, while he had a fantastic outer-belief and self-
confidence, I think sometimes he was vulnerable” Martin O´Neill

“Brian Clough is the best manager he has worked under, better than Sir Alex Ferguson” Roy Keane



Author: Rui Marques

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